An audiovisual installation, 7 emotions and 7 contrasts packaged in a 12-minute Story, which is played in an endless loop. It is always possible to enter into our story. Every introduction is different and opens up a new chronology of the History. With this project it is a matter of concern to us our thoughts and feelings after to the outside. It's an experiment. An experiment for us, our idea in to package a format, but also an experiment to test what these emotions can do for other people. Our thoughts should inspire reflection, nobody should leave the room without reflecting on their own emotions.

screenings |

  • Fachhochschule Sankt Pölten, January 15
  • EXmedia, Freiraum Sankt Pölten, May 27.
  • Volkstheather Vienna, #digitalnatives Festival 2019, May 30. - June 1.
  • BaroXmedia, Barocktage Melk, June 9.
  • ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL 2019, Sep. 5. - 9.